Extreme Kenya by Helicopter

Offering a 48-hour glimpse of Kenya, Extreme Kenya by Helicopter is an adrenaline More

Cambodian Adventure

A nine-day tour of Cambodia spent drinking in her most celebrated sights, cultural More

Japanese Adventure

From the buzz of Tokyo to the serenity of Mount Fuji, Japanese Adventure presents More

Lapland Adventure

Guests of the Lapland Adventure are welcomed to Jukkasjarvi by a team of huskies More

Spy Mission

Ideally suited to the budding undercover agent, Spy Mission offers participants More

Fighter Pilot

Rare is the opportunity to sample life at over 3,000 kilometres per hour, but More

Search and Rescue

Overseen by real-life experts in the fields of air, sea, land, city and mountain More

UAE from the Sky

Discovering the UAE on board a private plane is the ultimate way to take in the More

Mission X

Accompanied by former Special Forces soldiers, participants in Mission X are invited More

Stunt Driving

The leading James Bond stunt man and one of car enthusiasts' most beloved characters More